• Email

    [my_first_name] [dot] [my_last_name] [at]
  • To schedule a meeting

    1) Please send me an email.
    2) If the request is valid, I will provide a link that shows the available meeting slots.
    3) Select the best niche and confirm it.
  • To apply our lab

    1) Please send your CV to me via email.
    2-1) Fill out this form.
    2-2) Apply POSTECH graduate school.
    3) Once approved, I will announce online/offline meeting schedule.
  • Office

    Room 317, Chungam-Ro 77, Science Building Ⅱ, POSTECH, Pohang-Si, Republic of Korea (Zip: 37673)
    (in Korean) 대한민국 경상북도 포항시 남구 청암로 77 포항공과대학교 제 2공학관 317호 (우: 37673)